New Year Greeting from Ginny and Alan

Ginny and I send greetings to you and everyone who has had contact with us and our work through Sacred River Healing.

We know that the turning of the page on the calendar to 2019 may be filled with hope or foreboding or a mixture of both. Life in these times is not always easy. We established Sacred River Healing in 2004 to serve as a healing and transforming vehicle. Our aim has always been to help people navigate the challenges of life and grow more deeply into their true nature, their authentic self, their soul’s calling. As the conflicts in the world have grown more heated (literally for Mother Earth) we find the pressures on individuals and families have increased and the need for our work even more apparent.

Ginny continues to bring her intuitive healing skills, (based on over 45 years of bodywork practice) to people who experience benefits beyond relief of pain in their body.  Alan continues to see clients as a psychotherapist, integrating practices of meditation and guided somatic (body) awareness to heal the traumas of the past and open to a vision of a creative and meaningful life.

This year also brought Rachel Astarte to Sacred River Healing, working as a psychotherapist intern with Alan. Rachel shares the vision and orientation of our work and has many years of working with people as a transformational life coach and clinical hypnotherapist.

We send our warmest blessings to you for a good New Year and ask that you keep us in mind when you or someone you know can benefit from working with us.

Peace and blessings,

Ginny & Alan


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