Virginia Brooke is a talented and seasoned professional who has been practicing ginnydeep integrative bodywork for over 30 years. She is well known and respected in the Hudson Valley for her work and is referred by osteopaths, chiropractors and physical therapists, both in Westchester and Rockland Counties.

Her approach integrates both eastern and western bodywork techniques, including myofascial technique, trigger point, reflexology and energy balancing. She combines a deep, clear focus, cultivated from years of meditation, intuition, and the gift of great hands. Each session brings deep healing and renewal for both body and mind.

Virginia began her training at the School of Actualism in California in 1973. She was Director of their bodywork department from 1976-1986. During that time she conducted professional bodywork training seminars nationwide.

In 1987, Virginia moved to Westchester County, New York, where she maintains a private practice and conducts training seminars for massage therapists and bodyworkers in the tri-state area. Virginia holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Spiritual Therapy from the New Seminary in New York City.

Here are some comments from people who have experienced Ginny’s work:

I an a firm believer in the work of Ginny Brooke for several reasons.
Ginny’s more than 30 years in her field is not just about repeating a given format, but rather, about an individual who continues to grow through her experiences. She therefore, provides an ever-changing, professional approach unique to each of her clients.
Ginny loves her work and time with her clients. Her energy is limitless and her approach client- specific. This brings a focus and strength to her clients which utilizes both her physical and spiritual energy. The benefit to each person is therefore, multi-dimensional and very healing.
Ginny is a strongly ethical person.
For these three reasons alone, I cannot endorse Ginny more highly.”
-Ginny Geerdes, Teacher, Long -term client

I would not be able to make it through the 10 months of school if not for the magic and insight of Ginny.
-Barbara Turk, High School Teacher

“Ginny is an authentic and original bodyworker. She absorbs your presence during the session as her hands reach into the deeper recesses and begin the process of guided transformation. She creates a listening space so that one can reconnect to their inner guides releasing muscular tension, physical and mental pain, and extraneous thoughts. Quite simply, she guides you home.
-Dr. Isadora Guggenheim, ND, MS, LMT, Naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist and massage therapist

“I’ve been going to see Ginny for 5 years because she’s the only one I’ve found that can alleviate my neck and shoulder tightness.”
-Linda Mafia

“One of the most innovative and effective forms of bodywork I’ve encountered.”
-Gerald Epstein, M.D., Author, Healthy Visualizations, Creating Health Through Imagery

“Ginny Flint, a great, intuitive bodyworker can do things to your body that no one else, that I know of, can do. I highly recommend that you try her at least once.”
-Ken Pollinger, Director of New Age Center, Nyack

“Since I’ve been coming here on a regular basis, when I wake up in the morning, I don’t have any aches or pains anymore.”
-Hector May, Investment Advisor