Next Retreat June 11, 2016

Full-Time Yoga
Next Tree of Life Meditations Retreat – June 11th

Each of us carries within himself the One Fire, immutable throughout the entire Universe.

                  –Nicholas Roerich

       In 1969, I attended a retreat that changed the direction of my life. I was introduced to Agni (Light-Fire) Yoga and spent the next ten years in a school learning the disciplined teaching and healing practices of this little known form of yoga. It was the first spiritual practice that I learned and there has not been a day since that I have not made use of it. I use the term “full-time yoga” because the methods of Agni Yoga cultivate an awareness ofyoga (union) throughout all of life’s activities, not only in a “yoga session.”

While I was learning Agni Yoga, I was intitiated in the ways of teaching it and have continued to share this way and its methods where there is openness. I’ve consistently found that people from a wide range of backgrounds and interests in the spiritual journey benefit from learning this approach to spiritual development.

The Tree of Life Meditations process that I teach has Agni Yoga as one of its three core lineages, along with shamanism and mindfulness meditation. All three weave together beautifully to enable one to have a complete spiritual practice: for healing self and others; bringing kindness and love into personal relationships; awakening to inner direction from one’s soul; and finding a meaningful and fulfilling way to relate to the issues of the world.

Previous Tree of Life Meditations retreats focused on mindfulness meditation practices and shamanism, while this next one will be focused primarily on Agni Yoga. Please see link for more information on Agni Yoga.