The Journey of the Soul

Psychotherapy for Experiencing and Manifesting Your Deepest Nature

by Alan Levin, M.A., LMFT

Below the surface, behind the mask, there is a trembling. Something inside calls and you know it wants to emerge, it wants to be expressed. In the busy-ness of your life, you hesitate to give it your attention. Yet it nags you. Is it possible that all your anxiety, depression, addictions and loneliness, all your pain, is just about this? The call from and response to your Soul?

This work is for those who want to pay attention.

My interest has been, since the early 1970’s, on integrating spirituality with psychological growth and maturation. This, of course, can mean many things. From my own experience I offer this description.

There is an essentially inward journey towards attunement and alignment with sources of life within that brings about an awakening and transforming of who I am. This process has been called holotropic, because it is a movement towards a greater, more inclusive nature, towards the wholeness of my Being.

There is a more outward movement, which focuses on my relationships with others; family, friends, colleagues, strangers, the human family. But also all of life; the animals, plants, Earth herself, perhaps also non-physical beings. We learn how to communicate, how to respond to the seductions and the gifts, the joys and sufferings, the work to be done and the games to be played. While this learning is often called psychological growth, it is no less spiritual than the more inward focused.

My work, quite basically, involves sitting down with people and paying attention to the areas of struggle and the deep stirrings within that are calling. In addition to deep dialogue, I use a variety of methods, including guided imagery, breath-work, regression and re-birthing, and other transformative practices drawn from both east and west.

I have taught deep meditation and spiritual practice for over 35 years and have been a licensed psychotherapist since 1985 in California. I just received my recognition from the State of New York as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist here. This may allow some people to work with me under their medical insurance plan.